Dear Friends,
I needed to take a day to think about and absorb the horrible tragedy that happened in Texas.
I still can’t comprehend the enormity and effect that this will have on the entire country.  It is truly heartbreaking to see the faces of those beautiful children whose lives were taken for no reason whatsoever and the heroic teachers who freely gave their lives trying to protect the children in their care.
There are no words that can comfort and bring peace to those families.  Intellectually, there is no way to digest how such a thing can happen.
All I can ask of you, and everyone, is to keep those families in your prayers.  When lighting your Shabbat candles, think of how we can cope and what we can do to stop this senseless killing.
I always try to avoid political statements from the bimah (and these emails).  I know that both sides think they have the people in mind when they make or reject policy.  But I have to believe that one day we will wake up from this nightmare and we will have laws that address this horrible situation.  I just hope it is sooner rather than later.
I pray that we all find some way to comfort ourselves and those parents find some peace in knowing their children died as heroes whose short lives will change the world for the better.
L’Shalom,Cantor Gluck

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